Scary games

Scary games are a no no for me. Games that are meant to scare, be it ghostly, monster, or all things supernatural encounters are a complete no no for me. I just cant stand playing scary games. I have a weak heart in playing those. Seriously.

I dunno why, but i have this really deep fear of playing such video games. I get scared real easily. Its slightly different when it comes to watching than to playing it. I can pretty much stomach scary movies, but interaction with a scary environment or locale, which in this case, a video game is a completely frightening experience for me. Its too intense, too real for me. Take shooter games for example.

Shooter games involving killing supernatural beings in dark alleys and hard to spot areas are something that i just cant take it. I get freaked out easily. The worst encounters are when you hear something from a distance, and you know that its coming for you sooner or later and before you know it, it pounces behind you. Im telling you, i can literally jump out of my seat while playing it. Dont talk about jumping from my seat, i can immediately just quit the game and not think about it for a long time.

Call me a coward or a weakling but scary games are not my kind of entertainment. I can take intense shooters and action, maybe a little bit of thriller action, but when it comes to the supernatural, ill gladly pass the game. Even if it comes to a point that it became the “game of the year” at most ill have someone to play it for me and ill just watch, or ill just invite my friend over and play it multiplayer splitscreen coop mode.

oh by the way, i have a couple of friends who tells really lame jokes and riddles. one of them told so many over the past month, but this is one is quite recent and should be quite common.

so here it is:

red bean pau and man tou both went to watch a movie. Red bean pau cry during a sad scene but man tou didnt. Why?

Ans: Because man tou got no “feeling”!!! (Filling) Got it?

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