L’Arc-en-Ciel’ latest album, “Kiss” is already available in local stores, such as HMV. I bought the cheapest of the 3 editions (im cash strapped ok!?) and almost all the tracks are fantastic. I previously downloaded the entire album before buying it, and it was quite good so i just had to give my 2 cents to support the group.

The latest album features hit singles such as “My Heart Draws a Dream” “Seventh Heaven” and “Daybreak’s Bell“, which is a feature song for Gundam 00 Anime.

As for the other tracks, they were good too, but somehow i still like the previous album more than this one. Nonetheless, Daybreak’s Bell and My Heart Draws a Dream has an addictive tune to it and fans of this band should check this album out.

Now this is something that i just discovered too. Apparently, the band’s upcoming single “Drink it Down” is featured in another video game, Devil May Cry 4. Isnt that great!? What a perfect match for the band’s rock tunes to the bloodthirsty game. The single is slated to release on April 2 2008. I cant wait to get my hands on that game. Ive already ordered it through and it should arrive next week or so. Since ive completed Folklore and about to finish Uncharted Drakes Fortune, its about time to find a good game to play on my new toy.

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