Nightwish; Anyone into Symphonic power metal?

I was browsing in HMV the other day, just to keep myself updated in the music world. There were a number of new albums released by all the big mega music artist. It wasnt till i was sampling through an album, created by a Finnish band and it sold me through and through. I bought the album within 15 minutes of listening to them.

I knew nothing of this group till i listened to their tracks. The band’s name is called Nightwish. Its a Finnish symphonic power metal group. Huh? What did you say? Symphonic power metal group?  Even i was surprised at this unique categorization of Nightwish. But amazingly, it was something new to me, and thus i find it really unique. Imagine infusing heavy metal with an orchestra. Thats the whole essence of Nightwish. And it works for me, because i find their compositions really great. The band has a male and female lead vocalist, very much like Evenescence, kind of band members. Adding to the fact that they arent an American or British group, and that they sound really great regardless, i just had to give Nightwish their support. They arent that big worldwide, but i can see that they are making a presence. While i was there, it was #18 on the HMV pop/rock charts, so i guess even though not much is known about the band, at least when people stumble upon it, they find it good. I like the fact that is not about the reputation, but rather whether they can make good music or not.

And i think its worth getting the album. It has 2 cds inside. The first being the music itself, while the second one is the instrumental version of the first cd. So essentially you can enjoy the music without the vocals and its great to hear. It almost sounds like a epic movie soundtrack, which is strange because you cant associate the music to any movie, yet it feels like a movie soundtrack.

To give you a sample, you can listen to the first track entitled, Bye Bye Beautiful, and  the second track, Amaranth.

Its great to discover new music.

2 thoughts on “Nightwish; Anyone into Symphonic power metal?

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  1. This band had a different vocalist until this CD cam out. Tarja was her name. She had an opretic voice. Good band. I have most of their CD’s except this one. It is next on my list.

  2. This band is amazinggg. I love them. I grew up listening to metal & Im a band nerd :DD this is perfect for my likings. I wish they were more wwell known in the US.

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