Okie, i know some of you must be ranting at me for not updating my blog for so long. This is not the first time that i went on hiatus either. As always i have to find my urge and inspiration to write. If not, ill just put this blog at the back of my mind.

Let me just give a general update on what’s happening.

My BMT is over. It was a wonderful experience. Many highs and lows during my 3 month training, but looking back, im starting to miss my platoon mates and life in BMT. It was tough and regimental, but even with those annoyances, life was pretty simple back then. After P.O.P., i had a 2 week break before getting my posting to my new unit, but during that time it was fun and relaxation… a well deserved one.

I did quite a number of things. Watched lots of movies, like The Golden Compass, Stardust, I Am Legend and many more. I finally finished my Raymond E Feist’s Novel, Prince of the Blood. It was merely ok. I had to go trudge through 3 quarters of the book before there was any real action in the plot. Even so, after completing the book, it was somehow kinda lacklustre.

I also got a new computer! Yes, after about a week of crash course on whats the hottest computer parts out on the market, i decided to get a totally brand new PC. Of course i must thank my buddy, Alex who is an expert in this field and provided me with a wealth of information on whats the “in thing” about PCs. Without him, i would surely have made alot of wrong choices in choosing my mainboard, graphics card etc. Thank you sooo much! I feel that my PC is really worth it.

So here are the specs. For SGD1300, i got:

MSI K9a2 CF, phenom processor ready and crossfire supported motherboard.

AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 4400

2GB Ram

Powercolor ATI HD3850 (256mb) Graphics Card

250GB Hard disk

Black Casing with 600W psu

LG 19 inch widescreen LCD TV

I used my old:

BenQ DVD drive

2 Harddisk, 80GB and 160 GB

Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS

Its looks sweet and im enjoying it. Though its not top of the line gaming pcs, but with the mobo that can support up to 2 graphics card, and phenom quad core processor ready, this mobo has ample room for future upgrades. I can inset an additional graphics card, ramp up more ram or go quad core in the future. This really extends my invest on the pc in the long run. Furthermore, the mobo has received rave reviews regarding its performance to price ratio, making it the cheapest mobo to have crossfire and phenom processor support.

Now i get to play all the games that i have missed as well as upcoming games such as Dragon Age, Assasins’s Creed, World in Conflict, Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, Neverwinter Nights 2, The Witcher, and many many more.

There was one thing that i regretted though. I should have bought the computer earlier. If not for the posting notification, i would have bought it immediately after finishing BMT. But now it doesnt make much of a difference anyway. Im getting used to staying in camp during the weekdays and booking out on the weekends. And my vocation isnt that bad either. I am now undergoing a course at Sembawang Camp as a Transport Supervisor. Its a 5 month course and it seems that it would be a good experience for me to go through it. As an added bonus, the camp is so close to my house! Without revealing any more details, let us just say that im blessed to be in that camp. So far ive been in there for about a week and things have been going smoothly. That im grateful, truly. For the first time in a while, i actually looked forward to a brand new day while serving NS and its not a bad thing after all.

Now, after putting a bomb in my wallet and literally blown to shreds after buying my new rig, i have to work hard towards my rank. I really need to rebuild my coffers, 1 cent at a time to get back to a safe financial level as before. Im running dangerously low on funds right now.

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