Story driven adventure games [part 1]

I used to play a lot of video games on PC years back. A wide range of genres I’ve played and enjoyed. I used to like RTS, RPG, Adventure and some shooter games. But as time goes on, i just couldnt find the time and money to keep up with technology and the slew of new games that just keeps on coming out year after year. It was at that point where i just totally couldnt keep up. When i was once a hardcore gamer, i’ve turned casual over the years despite my burning passion for gaming.

With the arrival of powerful consoles such as the Xbox, i thought that might be a great way to rekindle my passion for gaming. But it was short lived. Sharing the console with my friend as well as the costs, i did enjoyed a few blockbuster games, but again, i started losing interest in playing them. Somehow the fun factor was not there for me, as if there was a missing element that wasnt there in the majority of games out there that would make want to play and complete the game.

The introduction of online gaming made it worse. Prior to that, ive always thought that video was a great form of entertainment, with many layers of interactivity. But when i started playing World of Warcraft, everything changed. Human interaction, social networking and social interaction made it all the more pleasant and addictive for me. I played World of Warcraft for almost 2 years and im quite ashamed to say that I was almost consumed by the game. But ive stopped playing completely and have never looked back at it. Thank god for that. But it was really fun while it lasted. World of Warcraft presented a very new experience for me and it felt good. Even now when i think of the experiences i had playing with my guildmates, overcoming challenges together in the game, it was kinda sad that i had to leave.

Ever since World of warcraft, any games that werent online wasnt that appealing to me even if a particular game has bombastic graphics capability, i wasnt buying it. Then i started thinking what could be the reason to my diminished interest in video games. I knew deep within me that im not starting to hate games, rather, as mentioned, there were elements in the game that just werent there to captivate me into playing them.

And I think im the type of person who would only be interested in games that are in certain genres, mainly adventure and RPG and that i has to have a compelling storyline. Not just an epic one, but a truly original, outstanding story with compelling and realistic characters in the game. That was how i started falling in story driven games.

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