Lately I have been having dreams almost every single night. At times, very vivid dreams. I know that if you dream, you are in a deep state of sleep. But somehow these dreams are so vivid that it felt as if I had not slept at all. It's as if, I am leading a double... Continue Reading →

Gotta have roots, before branches.

This week marks the final episode of Glee's season 4 run. It couldn't have come at a better timing, just is time for the release of the results, and for the seniors, the official confirmation that they have graduated from school. Seeing some of my friends (seniors) graduate, is like a sneak preview to a... Continue Reading →

A look back at Year 3 Semester 1.

As I sit in front of the computer, trying to reflect back on those past 5 months of so, it was undeniably one hell of a ride. Nevertheless, it was one ride that I will never forget.When I joined the SBS club as the main committee. I thought to myself that I must be crazy.... Continue Reading →

Kid’s Story and Death Magnetic

I was browsing through my old dvd collection when i stumbled upon Animatrix. It was one of my favourite DVDs that ive bought. The short animations that gives the world of The Matrix as envisioned by Wachowski Brothers more meat, was oustandingly done with the help of various Japanese animation studios.    One of my... Continue Reading →


Today, I officially graduated from NYP!!!!!! [And of all days, I aint feeling well today 😦 ] Three years in the making, its been an incredible journey in the School of Chemical and Life Sciences, taking a course in Molecular Biotechnology. The graduation is the first day of a few days of graduation ceremonies, and... Continue Reading →


After the big news that im going overseas, i just cannot concentrate on my studies... AT ALL. There soo many things that ive been thinking, the excitement, the rushing feeling over going there all by yourself, freedom, and notion of independence.. man i jst cannot contain it. Ive been dreaming of this moment for many... Continue Reading →

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