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Grrr!! You know, i still cant get over my blog ratings. I still cant believe that i got a frigging R for my blog. What is wrong with it anyway? LOL!

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About my Japan trip blogging entries. I know i havent been keeping up to it lately. I might as well scrapped the whole project altogether. To be frank im just kinda lazy to blog about my travels. I mean, i have all the photos uploaded in my photobucket. To tell you the truth, I had so much to write about during that 7 day period while i was in Japan. I have to repeat myself, I had soooooo much fun there, probably the best holiday ive ever experienced. The culture, the people, everything was a super duper pleasant experience, so much so that ive made a personal promise to myself that i would return one day after my NS. By then i might be going to NTU and ill be busy and all that, but ill keep this to myself, im going to visit Japan as much as i would like to for the rest of my life. Nuff said.

So I’ve made up my mind, and im very satisfied to say that i would not blog about the japan trip. Instead, ill just treasure my experiences and my photos dearly.  The time i had there, would be equivalent to gold by my standards.

July has arrived and i have roughly 2 and half months before I head to NS. About time i start some exercise! LOL. Anyways,  Month of July, expect more movie reviews from me, especially Transformers, which i would be watching in Digital Format, at Golden Village, Vivocity. Die Hard 4, Ratatouille (oooh Pixar’s masterpiece) and Harry Potter!

Music reviews, thats a given and my Nintendo DS games reviews! As mentioned ive secured 2 new games, but ive yet to play them. Im replaying Hotel Dusk. Surprisingly though im still enjoying it, despite completing the game. Strange though…

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