Uverworld Vs L’Arc~en~Ciel

Both Uverworld and L’Arc~en~Ciel released their latest single on the 30th May 2007. Uverworld released “endscape” which is also the opening of Toward the Terra, a latest anime to hit the TV networks which happens to be an adaptation of the mange created in the late 1970s. L’Arc~en~Ciel on the other hand released “Seventh Heaven”.


When I first previewed the anime, i wasnt sure whether it was uverworld contributing to the song or not. It sounded a little different from the other works or albums that they have done. But my speculation ended when i saw their names and i was right that it was actually featured in Toward the Terra.

Click here to listen to the high quality version.

~ L’Arc~en~Ciel ~

Their latest single is fast and upbeat, almost like a dancing beat to it. Compared to thier previous album, “Awake”. I find that the latest song is less dark and gothic in feeling. Its almost refreshing to see the band trying for something lighter once in a while, forgoing their gothic looks that people’s perceptions have on them, compared to the dark and ominous tones of Jojoushi. I quickly begin to like the song after a couple of hearing. Still this single is not what ive been waiting for. Im still waiting for “Shine” to be released, the opening to Seirei no Moribito.

Click here to listen to the high quality version.

So which single will most likely reach the number 1 in the Oricon Single Sales chart next week? In my opinion, i think its a pretty close fight, but i would definitely put my bets on L’Arc~en~Ciel. If i were to compare Uverworld’s past works, like “D-technolife”, “Colors of the Heart” and “Charmant No Ura”, then this single would not be their best this time round. However, their latest album, Bugright, is really good and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Its those album where you can turn the volume to the mix, and just let go of yourself with all the stresses of daily life. For now we will just have to wait and see.

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  1. there are also dark songs of KISS like DAYBREAK’S BELL and ALONE EN LA VIDA and darker song called DRINK IT DOWN

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