Japan, here I come!

The day that ive been waiting has finally arrived! 1st of June, on a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun! Nippon!

wah… im truly excited! 7 day trip, involving Mount Fuji, Disneyland, and 2 days free and easy to explore Tokyo!

Heres the rough itinerary:

Day 1:

To Changi Airport, for your flight to Tokyo, approximately 7 hours, it will be a midnight flight.

Day 2: Tokyo>>>>Mount Fuji

Board the bullet train, to Tokyo Station, then to Mount Fuji.  Visit wasabi planatation. Then proceed to Owakudani, The Valley of Greater Boiling, and take a stroll though the boiling mudpools. Then take a cruise along Lake Ashi, and if weather permitting youll be able to see the calmness of the lake and see the mirror image of Mount Fuji reflected on the water. Dinner enjoy steamboat and traditional onsen hot spring bath.

Day 3:Mount Fuji>>> Tokyo

Head back to Tokyo, visiting Premium Factory Outlet, where posh brands such as Gucci and Prada goods are sold. Witness tea ceremony at green tea factory. Then head to Odaiba Park, Palette Town (a shopping area). Toyota Mega Web, an exhibition on the history of Toyata car maker, exhibiting old cars, present cars and future cars. You can also take a ride on their futuristic cars there. Visit Venus Fort Shopping mall, where italian inspired architecture is evident, aimed at female shoppers. Then take a cruise to Ginza, (Uschusensan Yamato Cruise) along Tokyo Bay, a futuristic looking cruise boat. Visit Metropolitant Government Building and Observatory Tower for a Panaromic view of Tokyo.

Day 4: Tokyo>> Disneyland

Whole day at Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!


This is the opportunity to explore Tokyo in the shortest amount of time. This is wat i planned to do for this day. We would visit the park surrounding the Imperial Palace (heart of Tokyo in relative geography), before heading to Ginza (East of Imperial Palace) once more to explore the place better.

If the tour around Ginza is satisfactory, we will head straight to Akihabara (north of Ginza), place where electronic goods, are at a bargain, pachinko parlours are abundant and anime and manga craze is everyhwhere.

Evening, we will head to Tokyo Dome (West of Akihabara), a baseball stadium and a small Laqua Theme Park, where the world’s first spokeless ferris wheel is. In the middle of the ferris wheel will have a roller coaster going through carrying lots of screaming riders.


This time, we will explore the west side of Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Harajuku.

We will visit Shibuya, taking in the sights of thier towering tv screens, and neon lights and birthplace to many of Japans trendy Fashion.Then head north to Harajuku, teenage fashion district as well as numerous restaurants and cafes, where will certainly take in the experience of having afternoon tea in that area, with fabulous deserts and cakes, as well as traditional crafts shops. Hopefully we will see cosplayers roaming around the area, but it is unlikely, as it would be a weekday (they have to go to school or work too you know..)

Then on to last destination, north of Harajuku, Shinjuku, a must place destination one should go for a Tokyo holiday. Lots and lots of shopping malls, all in excess of 1o floors.

Day 7: Back to Singapore.

If time permitting, we might go to Tsukiji Fish market in the early morning to witness the bidding process of the freshiest seafood caught. We might also go there to eat ultra fresh sashimi for breakfast and if budget allows, try whalemeat? or maybe high grade tuna. Afternoon would be to the airport where our flight awaits.

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  1. Hi–I am trying to locate the person who took the photo of Mt Fuji posted here. Is it you?

    Could you let me know, please? I am a computer artist and I have used this photo in a collage. I want to get in touch with the photographer to find out if my use of the photo is ok with him/her.

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