New Year’s Resolutions

2015 is around the corner and amidst the celebration and gift exchanges, one need to find time to sit down and reflect on 2014, so that you can come up with the New Year’s Resolution.

Personally, I think it is important to come up with one. And not just come up with one on a whim. It should be personal, achievable, a list of things you strive for, for the year ahead and an easy way to measure your successes at regular intervals. It should encompass not what you want to achieve in live, but also how you should help others achieve it. Whether you are setting aside some money for donations to charity organizations, or spending time volunteering, or at the very least, try to be someone’s mentor or role model be it your sibling, friend, relative or strangers, your New Year’s Resolutions shouldn’t be just about you. It should also in some ways be about others and how those resolutions you come up with, affect others.

Your resolutions should cover most aspects of life that are dear to you. Family, friends, work, health, personal beliefs, finance, and love. These are some of the common things that we treasure most, and it should cover most, if not all that you hold dear in order of importance.

Your resolutions shouldn’t just include material things, like aiming to go for a vacation to a certain destination of  your choice, but also about personal development, the intangible things, things that would improve your wellbeing, your heart and your soul. Trivial things like, “spend 15 minutes a day to reflect on the day before going to bed” or “starting a ‘gratitude’ journal to write all the things you are grateful for on a daily basis’ can be a powerful force in self-improvement and your wellbeing.

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