Started a new blog

I’m starting a new blog, called Initially the correct address was awesomecoversongs, but it was taken by somebody else, so I decided to rearrange the words a little. It doesn’t sound quite right now, but since its free, I can’t really complain.

Essentially, this blog is just a collection of awesome cover songs that i encounter through surfing around in YouTube or through friends’ recommendations from their wall posts about some great cover songs that they liked. I would like to keep tabs on some of them, and perhaps share with the rest of you some of the great cover songs I encountered. Cover songs are great. They bring life to the songs that were sung by the original singers. They transform, in a creative way how the song is sung, and it sometimes give old songs a contemporary feel when it is sung in another way. Songs sung solo, may sound better in a duet, or in a way that totally defies the genre. And these amateurs and sometimes professional singers deserves credit for thinking out of the box and coming up with new ways to make it exciting to listen to those songs again.

If you have recommendations about a cover song that you really like, do feel free to share it with me on the new blog and I will post it up in a new entry. There are so many cover songs out there, sometimes finding a good can be a challenge. The new blog aims to create the idea of sharing the best that there is out there on YouTube.

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