The iPad Air arrived just in time for Father’s Day!

I was initially worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time for Father’s Day. The decision to make the purchase on Amazon was made quite late and after factoring shipping and handling times from the US all the way to Singapore, I was cutting pretty close.

In the end, they gave me an arrival date of between 14 June to 18 June with the weekends in between. 14 June arrived and I received no word from them. By then it was pretty hopeless as the next day was a Saturday and I wasn’t expect much when it comes to delivering mails and parcels on the weekend.

But lo’ and behold! The parcel did got delivered on Saturday and when I woke up, I received a text saying that the parcel was ready for collection! Just in time.

My dad was pretty happy with the iPad. He wanted the basic iPad but I got him the iPad Air instead, better than the basic model. I got him a third-party case (which is surprisingly good) and the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard just for tablets. Both are great accessories. The keyboard takes some time to get used to, but otherwise its a really portable keyboard that you can take anywhere with you in addition to the iPad.

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