Caffe Verona ground coffee is my new favourite coffee blend from Starbucks

Starbucks recently expanded their lineup of coffee beans, coffee pods, instant coffee, cold brews and even accessories like mugs and thermos under their “Starbucks At Home” series. It makes perfect business sense when the world was pretty much in lockdown due to the prevailing pandemic happening throughout the world.

Just how do you get customers who are largely home-bound get their coffee fix?

It’s simple. Bring the coffee to them.

And that is exactly what they did the past couple of years. They have been pushing aggressively to bring their products into people’s homes, allowing customers to brew coffee out of their signature coffee beans that most of us have grown to love.

Recently, I discovered one of their unique blends, the Caffe Verona roasted ground coffee. With my filtered coffee kit from Hario, using their V60 system, I have pretty much found my new favourite coffee that I can enjoy every morning in the comfort of my kitchen.

It has the perfect blend of dark but sweet roasted flavour, coupled with a subtle hint of cocoa. Coupled with brewing the ground coffee blend using a filter, add a couple of teaspoon of sugar, and its heaven! Filtered coffee has neither the ‘creamy’ texture, nor the overly bitterness flavour when brewed under the expresso system, this blend is perfect for who favour filtered coffees.

I always look forward to brewing coffee they way I like it to be, so that I can have the perfect cup every morning. I love coffee. I just have to have a cup a day at least, preferably in the morning.

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