Say that again? The repair cost of the iPad Pro without AppleCare+ is how much?

Given how technologically advanced the latest iPad Pro 12.9 inch is with regards to the display, it is no wonder that the repair cost for the iPad Pro, if the device is not covered by AppleCare+ is exorbitantly high. Let’s take a look:

Yes you read that right. Straight from the official Apple website. If you own the latest 12.9 inch iPad Pro and you accidentally damaged it, and you needed it repaired but have no AppleCare+, you will need to fork out a whopping S$1049 to repair. It goes up even higher to $1129 if you own the cellular version. In other words: that is a lot!

With such exorbitant repair costs, I am, for the first time tempted to get my iPad Pro covered by AppleCare+.

Usually for such a device, it rarely goes out of the house, much less be subjected to harsh conditions outdoors. It is always housed in the Keyboard Folio whenever I use it outside during those rare occasions, and I never had any issues with my previous iPad Pro. But accidents can happen and the thousand-dollar repair cost is just hard to swallow.

AppleCare+ gives you two years of accidental coverage for S$229. That is easier to swallow, but something, in my own opinion a little unnecessary, until now. Should something happen to it and needed to be repaired, the repair cost is just S$68 per incident, with up to two incidents covered per year. It also covers battery and battery deterioration over time, provided that the performance of the battery falls below 80% within the two-year timeframe.

Honestly I have never bought Applecare+ for my other products like the Apple Watch and iPhone. Partly because I upgrade them almost every year (very true for the iPhone) that the returns on investment for getting the AppleCare+ for a peace of mind is not worth it.

But after seeing the repair cost of the iPad Pro, I may consider getting it after all. I still have 60 days to decide before the purchasing window closes. And who knows maybe the two-year coverage would dis-incentivise me to upgrade annually when it comes to iPad Pros.

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