While RTX 3080 remains rare, I got a new gaming monitor and completed a bunch of video games

After close to a month, the new NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080 is still nowhere to be found. It is as scarce and rare as ever. I have not been successful in getting my hands on one of these things as the demand is just astronomical.

I am a little bit disappointed at not being able to get one at launch day, or near launch day. New gpu stocks have only been trickling in lately and I have been unsuccessful in securing one either at physical retail stores or online. The demand is simply crazy.

While NVIDIA is promising that they are doing all they can to make these new chips as fast as possible, they have warned us that supply and demand will not stabilise and to expect the GPUs to quickly sell out the moment they are on the shelves until at least the beginning of 2021. That for me is just a bummer. I have planned to at least upgrade before Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, so that I can play the game at ultra settings with full RTX on. I want to play this game in all its glory, and I want to play some of my current games at above 60fps at ultra settings.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of those games. At 1440p, my current 1080ti is struggling just to get a decent 50fps to 60fps at high or very high settings. Meanwhile, I just upgraded my computer monitor a couple of weeks back to a gaming monitor. I recently got the newly released Dell S2721DGF gaming monitor, with a 165hz IPS panel (review coming right up) that is also G-sync compatible, allowing variable refresh rates without screen tearing while playing games.

And because of the upgrade, I have a renewed sense of interest in playing games now. I have completed a number of games that I have been languishing these past few months, especially those lengthy, open-world games, like previously mentioned, Red Dead Redemption 2. After buying this game sometime earlier this year, I finally managed to finish the main story missions. I enjoyed playing this game a lot. The story is amazing with some really emotional scenes and lovable characters.

I also completed Control. This is a unique, third-person supernatural shooter game. While I was quite hesitant in playing this game due to its supernatural theme (I cannot stomach horror games), I warmed up to it and quickly got used to the game. After that, I just immersed myself in the gameplay. Overall, Control is a very imaginative game that is fun to explore the interiors of the Federal Bureau of Control, making your way deeper into the building so as to find your brother whom you lost many years ago.

Amazingly I also completed Wolcen, a sort of Diablo III clone. Using CryEngine, this game looks gorgeous for an isometric top-down type game. I bought this game while it was on Early Access on Steam. It was buggy. So I didn’t pick up where I left for a long while. After it exited from Early Access and launch the game proper, I gave the game another shot. Overall, it was enjoyable, the only downer is that there really wasn’t much to do upon reaching the endgame stage. But that did not really bother me much, because I was more keen in completing the story and going through the gameplay as the developers intended it to be. I am not really interested in loot grinding and improving my gear by going through random dungeons or going through the story again, this time at harder difficulties.

I bought Outer Worlds on impulse, mainly because one, it is selling cheaper than most games and there was a sale, second, its a first person RPG created by a bunch of veteran RPG game developers from Obsidian Entertainment.

While the game received rave reviews, I simply find the game just OK. Like literally average. Everything from combat to graphics to gameplay to story and dialogue, everything is just average. I have never played a game where everything is just average for me. Nothing is fantastic, but nothing is bad either. It’s a sci-if first-person RPG game where your main quest is to wake your fellow colleagues up who were in cryo for so many years aboard a ship that was supposedly lost in space. You were revived by a fugitive who is hellbent in uncovering corruption and coverups by powerful corporations that control human settlement to other planets. It’s a pretty wacky story with some humorous elements to it, but to me, its just average.

I also completed Star Wars Jedi, Fallen Order. I don’t know why I stopped playing the game without completing it. But only recently I revisited the game (which great difficulty as I completely forget the controls to the game) and realised that I was nearing of the story. It didn’t take me long to find my way where I left off and continuing on to the next few objectives before reaching the end.

It came at a great relief that I finally have another video game title under my belt.

So Wolcen Lords of Mayhem, Control, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Star Wars Jedi Fall Order and Outer Worlds. Who knew that I would be so productive in 2020 to complete so many games. And that is not including Borderlands 3 that I played from start to finish with a friend online. Maybe its because of the whole pandemic thing that is still happening right now.

I am now playing Horizon Zero Dawn, Complete Edition. Originally a Playstation exclusive title, the game was ported over riddled with bugs upon release. It is only recently that after numerous patches, the game is finally enjoyable to be played on the PC and it is truly enjoyable. This game can be quite challenging, with some heavy RPG and shooter elements involved. But I enjoyed the challenge as the risk vs reward is finely tuned for me level. This is going to be a long game as the Complete Edition contains all the DLCs that have ever been released for the game. Add that to the fact that this is an open world game, there are tons of side quests, tasks and resource gathering to do. This game will definitely keep me occupied for quite a while.

I am also playing Devil May Cry 5. A hack-and-slash game well known for its outrageous combos, monster fights and boss fights. I am not a fan of hack-and-slash games, but Devil May Cry is a franchise where, even if you are not a fan, you just gotta try it.

Come November, fingers crossed that I can secure an RTX3080, I will be very busy in playing Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassins’s Creed Valhalla, two of the biggest games of 2020. I have already pre-ordered them. It’s just a matter of pre-installing the game and launching it when its due for launch. it

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