PC upgrade Phase I complete

Today, with help from a friend, we completed the phase I of my PC upgrade. That involves swapping out the old, 650W PSU from Corsair to a 1000W PSU from Seasonic. I bought the new PSU from PC Theme, in Sim Lim Square last week.

I upgraded my PSU so that my PC is ready for the latest graphics card by NVIDIA, the Geforce RTX 3080, slated to launch on the 17th September. I don’t have confirmation on whether I will be able to get my hands on one, due to extremely limited supply. But nonetheless, I am getting my PC ready way in advance before the graphics card actually releases.

The new GPU is power hungry. So while technically, the old 650W PSU could probably work just fine, I am not taking any chances. The recommended PSU power output according to official specs is at least a 750W PSU. I went all out and bought the 1000W anyway, from Seasonic no less. The PSU comes with a 12 year warranty, so I am not afraid of it dying on my anytime soon. Furthermore, the PSU will definitely be in future builds. With such large overheads, I can add more devices into my future rig without worrying about power requirements.

Swapping the PSU with all the power cables for all the various components in the rig was a pain in the ass. Personally, swapping out PSUs has got to be the most difficult, painstaking and time consuming endeavor. I now understand why investing on a good PSU and spending time managing cables in your rig is so important. It is so, not to protect the components of the rig, but also spare you the pain of swapping out defective PSUs or if there is a need to upgrade in the near future. PSU is something that you buy, build into your rig and forget about it. So if you want to do just that, it is wise and prudent to invest a little bit more on not just a good PSU, but a PSU with more than sufficient power output for future upgrades to your rig.

But its all done. My rig is ready for the absolute best of a GPU, the 3080.

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