Finally bought a new Olympus lens

And it is none other than the famous Olympus M. Zuiko 40-150mm F2.8 PRO lens. It’s huge, but lighter than I expected. Still, I had trouble fitting that lens in addition to my camera body with the 12-40mm f2.8 PRO lens attached to it in the camera bag. It’s only feasible if I remove some extra stuff that I would rarely use, like the flash attachment, blower and some other cleaning toolkit. I would have to offload all these to another smaller pouch if I need them.

The lens was the most expensive item in the camera system I have ever bought in my entire life. Costing almost SGD2000, I took a long while to decide if I should get it. But the damage is done. I have gotten the lens. I suffered a little bit of buyers remorse right upon purchase, but all that disappeared when I discovered how well the lens performed when taking portrait photos. And sure enough, a couple of my friends wanted to have their portraits taken. And it couldn’t come at a better time than when I recently purchased that lens.

Bokeh is creamy, and the lens is incredibly sharp. Seriously, now that I own two pro lenses, those lenses would be the only lens that I would own. No more. It performs as good, if not better than some prime lenses out there. And when you have a lens that is expensive and performs this well, there is no reason to get prime lenses despite what other photographers would say. And having a focal range of 12mm, all the way to 150mm, I have great coverage to cover everything from landscape, architecture, portrait, to wildlife. Heck, the 40-150mm can even take semi-macro shots too. The lens is that good.

Bulk wise, it is huge for a micro four-thirds system, but I don’t think I would have too much difficult lugging it around in addition to my camera body all in one bag. I would just have to be extra careful in carrying it out, especially while I am traveling overseas. I also need to be smart in knowing when I would need to change to get better a longer focal range and reach depending on the situation.

I wish I have more opportunities to take more portraits in the future, because having that lens is really fun, especially when taking portraits. And did I mention you look badass when you attach that humungous lens to your petite camera body?

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