Two weeks with the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro!

Recently, I bought the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro together with the smart folio keyboard. In the midst of a circuit breaker, the iPad Pro quickly became an indispensable gadget that I use daily, providing me with not just hours of entertainment, but great multitasking ability to do my work that much more efficiently.

I upgraded from the 11 inch model to the 12.9 inch model primarily to take advantage of the bigger screen real estate. Coupled with the Magic Trackpad 2, the iPad Pro immediately a powerhouse, functioning almost like a full fledged laptop. Blazing fast processor, extra RAM and bigger screen, all translated to getting more things done, and being more immersive when watching content on the iPad Pro’s bigger screen.

After two weeks of using the new iPad Pro, I am entire convinced that the bigger screen is well worth the upgrade. Despite the added weight, it is still worth investing in the bigger model. I now use the iPad pro like any other laptop and I have no issues adapting to the use of the Magic Trackpad. In fact, using the trackpad allowed me to do more things more efficiently than ever before. With the trackpad, I use the iPad Pro like a laptop more than I use it merely as an entertainment device.

Because of the circuit breaker, I haven’t been out and about taking photos and editing them using Adobe Lightroom for the iOS. But I did try my hands on the app and editing photos on the bigger screen is more enjoyable than ever. I am looking to the day where I can safely take photos outside and edit them using the new iPad Pro. However, there’s s a small caveat. The Lightroom app is not fully optimised for use with a trackpad. Some buttons and scroll functionalities don’t work really well with the trackpad. The app is still touch-centric. An update should be on the way to address these issues. Once the app takes full advantage of the trackpad support, using Lightroom on the iPad Pro will feel no less different than on a desktop.

One aspect of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro that I really enjoy is watching streaming content on it. The speakers are more bassy and full on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro than my previous 11 inch model. The screen is much larger, more immersive than the smaller counterpart. With the circuit breaker still in effect, I am thoroughly enjoying watching my favourite Netflix shows on my iPad Pro and have no qualms binging multiple episodes in one sitting, all in a single charge.

The new iPad Pro will definitely be with me for a long time to come, until at least a new model comes out with micro LED displays. I have no problems with the new screen technology being delayed to 2021. I will just have more time to enjoy my current iPad Pro.

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