This is my current desktop for the next two days.

With the extension of the circuit breaker now official. All essential services including home renovation will be on hold till 1st June 2020. Because of that, we are now forced to move into a serviced apartment which just our daily necessities, while putting all our stuff on storage until our house has completed renovation and is ready to move in.

We have been packing all our things into boxes, stacked them high, so that the movers are ready to carry those stuff and store in a storage facility tomorrow morning. I will be bringing my gaming computer to the serviced apartment. It is all disassembled and ready to go on Monday

And so this is my current desktop set up.

Rate my setup!

Essentially, I’ve got all the things I need. An iPad Pro for productivity and entertainment, my headphones for music, Admiral Holdo, my lucky charm and other small knick knacks all around me. It really seemed cosy, if not a little bit small. Don’t worry, it’s all temporary. I have been using the ipad Pro for a couple of years now and I am amazed that with all the software updates it has received, the device is now a productivity powerhouse. The addition of cursor support for mouse and trackpad use just made the iPad Pro so much more useful (more on the trackpad and my review in future post). In fact, I am tempted to upgrade my iPad Pro to a 12.9 inch version (more on that as well in later post).

But for now, I am happy with what I have and I have no problems using this set up for the next couple of days.

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