Circuit breaker extended till 1 June 2020


It just got extended to 1 June 2020. Today, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave a public announcement on TV announcing a number of new circuit breaker measures, one of them, is the extension of the measures till 1 June, but another one whole month. That is 4 more weeks! We have currently in the middle of the first round of circuit breaker measures (2 weeks in) and now we are faced with another 4 more weeks.

This is unprecedented. Truly unprecendented.

While this is not surprising, especially given the number of new infections Singapore is getting (by the thousands on some days!), the key point to make here is that the vast majority of them are coming from migrant workers who are currently being isolate in their respective migrant workers’ dormitories. Parsing the numbers reveal that the number of community transmissions within Singaporean’s and permanent residents remain low. However, despite the low numbers, we are still seeing sustained community transmission from an ‘unknown reservoir’. In other words, someone, somewhere is still spreading the virus through the community unknowingly, most likely (and this is through logical speculation) through asymptomatic spreaders.

And so even the numbers are low, we need to get those numbers even lower, or even to 0, before circuit breaker can end.


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