Why I am not getting the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro.

I have read the reviews.

I have watched the unboxing videos.

I have watched all the first impressions of the device.

And almost everyone said that the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is one solid (and heavy) accessory that gives a superior typing and trackpad experience for iPad Pro users. It is really exciting and everyone is looking forward to trying it out.

But, after all that, I am not getting the Magic Keyboard after all.

Here’s why.

If you think about it, this is a S$439 keyboard (with trackpad included) A keyboard with scissor-switch mechanism, renown for its look and feel when you type on it. It is backlit, so you can use it in the dark with sufficient key travel to make typing a joy. It is beautifully designed, giving the iPad Pro a floating aura when it is magnetically attached to the Magic Keyboard. It looks great on any desktop replacement set up. All in all, this thing screams excellence and quality.

But it is still a S$439 keyboard. I will never buy a S$439 keyboard. My mechanical keyboard that I am currently using for gaming does not even cost more than S$150, and even then, I find it terribly expensive. Thankfully, it is sturdy and long lasting. I have never had to replace my mechanical keyboard in all my years of using it. I always believe you get what you paid for. But for this Magic Keyboard, at S$439, its stretching a little here.

For those who want a complete desktop replacement experience, the Magic Keyboard is for you. Ever since Apple has given full mouse and trackpad support, the Magic Keyboard now allows your ipad to function almost like a laptop. It even looks like a futuristic laptop/tablet that looks sleek on any desk.

But just for the keyboard, at S$439, it’s too much for me. I will never part that amount of money just for a keyboard, no matter how fancy it may look. Because at the end of the day, it is just another keyboard.

I love the Smart Keyboard Folio. I have gotten used to the keyboard that I find typing on it a joy. And I am happy to just continue using it till it wears off, or I upgrade to a bigger iPad Pro (more on that later).

Now, I want to enhance my iPad Pro usage experience. I am intensely curious as to how using a trackpad will change the way I interact with my iPad. I believe using the trackpad will finally tip the scale and the iPad Pro may finally become my primary mobile device. And the trackpad is the key.

But do I need to spend S$439 just to have that experience.

No. There is another cheaper alternative, one that is far more flexible and you can still use it even when you upgrade to a different iPad Pro in the future. And that is the Magic Trackpad 2.

At S$179, its still very expensive. But at least like I mentioned, it gives me the flexibility to use with future iPad Pros when I upgrade. And I foresee using this for a very long time through multiple Apple devices.

I have the option to choose whether to use it or not. The Magic Trackpad is far bigger than the one on the Magic Keyboard and having the trackpad as a separate device will give me greater flexibility in placing the trackpad where ever I want depending on my use case scenario.

And the best part: I can still use it, if I were to upgrade to a bigger iPad Pro, which is very likely when it was rumoured that Apple’s top tier iPads, the iPad Pros will introduce mini LEDs backlight display for greater contrast ratio and colour accuracy to their panels. I am truly excited for that. And after using the 11 inch version for quite a while, I may no longer feel that it is sufficient in the future, and a timely upgrade in both size and display qualities would be perfect. And I will still be able to use the Magic Trackpad.

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