Moving house despite renovations not completed

With the month-long lockdown in place in Singapore, the schedule to renovate our new house has gone off the rails. We were originally slated to move into our new apartment by the end of April. However, the lockdown will only be lifted on the 4th of May. During the month-long lockdown, no renovations can be done. This means that the house is never going to get ready by the end of April. Despite all that, it seemed that we will have to start moving some essential things to the new house and start living there while the renovations are going on when the lockdown is lifted in May. As for the rest of the things that are packed, those are going to be in storage, stored by the moving company, until renovations are done and we can then call them to move those things into our new house.

To Stay here for a month with renovations barely done? This is going to be tough. (Picture is not my house)

Logistically, it’s going to be a nightmare, but it is doable. We just need to bring only the essentials to the new house, and then live in it while the renovations are taking place, like carpentry, painting, air conditioner installation and kitchen stuff.

We have already packed the majority of items in boxes about a month ago. It is just a matter of calling the moving company to take those boxes away, pack them into storage for about a month, while only taking things that are essential for the new house. They include clothings, toiletries, daily necessities, computers, TV, mattresses, and other knick knacks that are used daily. We are definitely going ultra-minimalist while the renovations are taking place.

There will be very little furniture at the new house, because we can’t bring them in, at least for the new ones that we bought in advance until the renovations are complete. Even my Ikea stuff cannot be delivered until at least the painting is done to my room (my room is 100% Ikea and there is little renovation works that are needed to be done).

We live in an unprecedented period, and this calls for unprecedented measures. There are many things beyond our control and we just have to make do with it.

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