Apple Watch Series 5 is coming?

So there have been rumours of Apple releasing a new version of Apple Watch, namely the Apple Watch Series 5 alongside the new line of iPhones in September. I have been somewhat following the news and rumours on what the iPhone is going to look like and the overall internal specs it will offer to the masses in a few weeks time.

However, I am not still not overly excited about the new iPhone. Mainly because I already own the iPhone XS Max and that I have AppleCare covering the phone till September 2020. So, to get a new iPhone that, I predict will feel largely the same, is a little bit nonsensical, especially after factoring the cost to get a brand new phone without any contract. And to top it off, my phone still looks brand new! I made a great decision in applying a glass protector screen. I have accumulated a number of minor scratches to the protector screen, but I can always get it replaced and my original screen remains pristine.

So all these factors have really dampened my excitement for the phone.

For the Apple Watch however, is a slightly different story.

I have the Apple Watch series 3. The new one will be series 5. It’s been almost 2 years since I got the Apple Watch and ever since then, I have come to appreciate how useful it has been in making me more efficient, more productive and more mindful of my health. It has made me a better person overall and the benefits cannot simply be distilled into a monetary value.

The series 4 has a larger screen without increasing the overall size of the watch, which is great for people who have multiple straps for the Apple Watch. It’s compatible to new and existing straps. The increased size has allowed more complications to be added to the screen, more information and data can be flashed together with the watch face.

Overall, an all new design and new features made series 4 a compelling upgrade. But similarly to my iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 3 is covered by AppleCare and the new features it managed to squeezed in weren’t enough to simply upgrade. The features found in series 3 was more than enough to meet my needs. Getting a series 4, less than a year after having the series 3 seems like a waste of money, especially on AppleCare.

So in the end, I decided to hold out my purchase and perhaps wait for series 5 to arrive. Fast forward another year and the rumours are all pointing to an imminent release of the new Apple Watch. It is also rumoured to come in new material, like titanium and a return to the ceramic finish as well. No doubt that the ceramic finish will be the most expensive Apple Watch of the bunch. But I am intrigued at what price point Apple is going to pin down on the titanium finish. Will it still come with the stainless steel and aluminium finish, or will titanium be the new default material for most users?

Time will tell. I am keeping my eyes peeled on any rumours and information pertaining the new Apple Watches.

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