Getting a new pair of bookshelf speakers

Back in 2016, I bought the Audioengine A5+ powered bookshelf speakers. I love it. It’s punchy with a right amount of bass and size that is perfect for any computer desktop system.

Fast forward today, it is starting to show wear and tear. The left speakers are muffled, especially at higher frequencies. The sound output from the smaller tweeter is getting soft, making the treble sound terrible muffled. The bass is still fine, but the muffled output makes sound production really uneven between both speakers. Recently, the sound quality has gotten real bad as well and the unbalanced nature of the sound coming out from the speakers are starting to get annoying.

Lazada has been having offers on their online storefront in celebration of the upcoming 9/9 online sales. I happened to read up on Q Acoustics speakers, especially the ‘30’ series. I have been hearing quite a number of good things about these speakers from Q acoustics, especially how well it performs acoustically for the price it is selling it for.

So I decided to take the plunge and get myself through Lazada the Q Acoustics 3010 speakers. It cost only S$250 and with further sale, I got it down to $225. This is far cheaper than my current Audioengine A5+ speakers. If I remember correctly, I think I bought that close to S$600 for a pair!

The downside to the new speakers I’m getting is that they are not powered speakers, which means that I will need an amplifier to power those speakers. Luckily, there are a number of amplifiers out there from cheap budget ones to the more, audiophile grade expensive amplifiers. Since my speakers are meant for my PC, a simple amplifier will do. I bought one from Nobsound capable of outputting 100W per speaker. It’s about S$90, which makes the entire set up under S$400, well within my original budget when I decided to replace my speakers.

It’s unfortunate that my current Audioengine speakers are starting to degrade especially when I have only used it for 4 years or so. I remember the Acoustic Energy Argo M 2.1 speaker system that I had. It last me 7 years before the volume knob become a little iffy. But even then, I gave that set to my cousin who used it as speakers for the TV in the living room and it still works wonderfully! Nevermind the volume knob, but the sound quality is still as good as when I first bought it.

I hope with the amplifier and the new speakers from Q Acoustics do not disappoint me down the road. I have high hopes for the new pair of speakers, especially for its sound quality from the reviews I have read online. I will be pleasantly surprised if this new set of speakers sound better than the more expensive Audioengine speakers.

The speakers are on the way as I write this. I should be receiving it in the next couple of days at my doorstep. The amplifier though might arrive later as it is shipped overseas, which means that I will not be able to enjoy the speakers until I have something to power it, like the amplifier that is on the way.

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