Taken a liking to Yankee Candles

I have bought Yankee Candles from time to time in the past couple of years. Most of them are small jars, or tea candles, none of the big ones. Today however, I chose a number of new scents that I like and bought them in bigger glass jars.

Although you save if you buy them in bulk, but the cost of each candle can add up substantially. Buy six large jars for example can easily set you back close to a $100. But I didn’t buy that many. I bought 3 medium ones and a large one.

As a guy, my favourite scent Is Midsummer’s Night. It’s a masculine scent and one of the very few scents that sway towards masculinity. I don’t like overly floral or creamy scents. I once encounter a scent called Belgian waffles and I nearly gagged. I cannot imagine my room smelling like Belgian waffles. It’s nice to smell as you pass by a Belgian waffle shop, but it can be suffocating to constantly smell that in your room.

Midsummer’s Night is has a woody scent as its base notes, like mahogany, cedar wood and juniper berry. The top notes are a little citrusy, not too overwhelming, coupled with a little bit of lavender and sage to round off the sharpness of citrus top notes.

I really like that fragrance and the other fragrance I bought are the closest that I can find that fits the description and scent of my favourite. Those tend to sway more towards floral scents with less woody base notes, making it less masculine but still pleasant. They are none other than Garden Sweet Pea, and Beach Walk. Garden Sweet Pea may be my second favourite scent. It’s not as intense as Midsummer’s Night but still just as clean and fresh. Beach Walk has a calming, yet fresh scent, suitable for moments where you just want to transport yourself to a calming place and de-stress.

Currently I still have a small jar of Midsummer’s Night. I will slowly burn them off before trying out the other fragrance. I bought a large jar of Midsummer’s Night. Can’t get enough of the scent!

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