Impulse buy: Powerbeats Pro by Beats

I already have a great wireless headphones that I bought online by Jays. When I was in New York, I bought the new, second generation AirPods with wireless charging case. Now, after coming back from Changi Jewel, I bought a new earpiece, this time by Beats. It is none other than the Powerbeats Pro, a great successor to the default AirPods Apple has been selling ever since.

Such an impulse buy, but nonetheless, it fits great.

At S$328, this thing is not cheap. I don’t even need it, but when I heard that these things were selling in Singapore, I started looking for them. Last week I was at Changi Jewel, and I saw a shop selling them. It wasn’t the new Apple Store that just opened at Changi Jewel, the store was all sold out on the Powerbeats Pro. It was just a humble electronics shop at Terminal 3 that I happened to stumble upon on my way back to the car, trying to head home. But I did not get for $328, I just at about $300. Shopping at Changi has its perks. GST is absorbed, and because of that, I paid less for the Powerbeats Pro.

So anyway, enough of how I got my hands on a brand new pair of earbuds . Here are my impressions.

Sound quality is great and it has pretty decent sound isolation just by wearing them. It is by no means total sound isolation, but it keeps outside noises out pretty well, without being too uncomfortable wearing them. I am glad that I am able to wear the earbuds for long periods without feeling fatigue in anyway. In fact, they are very comfortable despite hooking around the back of the ear for the firm grip and hold. And because it hooks about the back of the ear, the overall design of the earbuds is great for outdoor activities. Not once or at any moment in time while running and working out, did the earpiece fell out or moved out of place altering the sound that is going to my ears. It stayed true and firm throughout my workout. This is by far, the best earphones I ever had that is great for workouts.

The Powerbeats Pro is sweat-proof as well, so I don’t have to worry about water contacting the earphones and damaging it in the process. Battery life is long at 9 hours on a single charge on the earbuds and an additional 24 hours I believe with the charging case. The case is large, so it is not suitable for putting it in your pocket, unless you have a huge pocket and you don’t mind the bulge when storing in your pocket, but that aside, the build quality of the earpiece and the case is top notch, with none of the cheap plastic feel you get in other wireless earbuds.

The earbuds have great bass, solid sound reproduction, although I do feel that certain subtleties are lost within the great booming bass that the earbuds are projecting out. Stereo projections are great but not as fantastic as some other earbuds like the Sennheiser equivalents.

The earbuds have no noise cancelling or sound-through features, which would be great given the price point that are touting. But it’s not truly a deal breaker as wearing them does provide a good fit and a decent noise isolation from the environment. It is definitely much better than the AirPods. Those who love bass a lot, would definitely feel comfortable using this earbuds. I know I do.

Overall looks wearing them is great. It’s not too garish wearing them, and it sits pretty flush on the ears. But still, considering that the main part of the earbuds sits across your earlobes, people are gonna instantly recognise that you are using earbuds from Beats, judging from the logo prominently displayed that serves as a button as well.

I felt a little regretful buying this, because I know I don’t need it. But after wearing them for a couple of days, it actually feels good wearing them during my morning and evening commute, and for the first time, I do not have to fiddle with it every now and then, adjusting its position and fit to have a great sound. I just have to wear it, adjust it once and it stays that way throughout my journey to and from work.

I really love the design of this earbuds, and it is something that I can definitely wear and use for a long time to come.

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