Down with the flu

Last week, just before I was due to fly to Jogjakarta for my holidays, I decided to go to my colleagues house to finalise the accommodation for our Morocco trip in 2019. As I arrive, I noticed that she wasn’t feeling very well. Red nose and teary eyed, I knew she had the flu from someone. Nonetheless I tried my best to avoid close contact with her while I continue finalising out accommodation.

We spent about 4 hours booking our accommodations at various places around Morocco as we nail down the days and dates for our trip. After that we head to her parents house to have dinner.

Little did I know that within 48 hours, I would also get the flu and had to resort to consult my GP to get medicine to relive my symptoms of flu that manifested itself over the weekend. The flu was bad. Took my an entire week to recover and I had to spend several days in bed recuperating. The worst thing was that I got the flu just a few days before I was scheduled to fly to Jogjakarta and begin my holidays with my friends.

I was fortunate enough to recover just in time. I was still severely physically weak from the sickness, but at the very least, I did not have high fever or anything that might affect the outcome of the trip.

I’ve never been lucky when it comes to holidays in recent years. I always seem to be sick just before my holidays.

Because of the flu, I had to miss work, work that were crucial to be completed before I begin my holiday. Now that I am back, I have to immediately head back to the office and complete all the outstanding tasks I have abruptly left due to the flu and my vacation. Outstanding work not completed just before your holidays usually leave a sour taste in your mouth. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I vow to tie up loose ends and complete whatever work that is left pending before 2019 arrives.

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