A little setback regarding my New York trip

So previously my family booked a couple of a AirBnB accommodation in New York. It was the most economical option available, considering that hotel stays in New York is crazy expensive. And with six of use travelling as a family, it makes sense to book our accommodation on AirBnB, where we can book an entire house or apartment with enough bedrooms and bathrooms to fit all of us.

Apparently, one of our bookings was cancelled by the owner of the apartment. It seemed that he was caught renting out his place on AirBnB, which wasn’t exactly legal in New York, more of a gray area, when it comes to short rental regulations.

So now we are in the midst of finding a different accommodation and hopefully, no one else cancels on us, especially when it approaches our departure dates. It would be immensely inconvenient, not to mention, expensive to find alternatives, like hotels at the very last minute if the hosts of AirBnB that we have booked decided to cancel our reservations at the last minutes due to legal problems with renting those places out to us.

I hope this little set back would not affect use drastically in any way. I am keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully nothing unexpected happens when we are day, especially when it comes to accommodations.

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