Acqua Di Gio Absolu

It is the time of the year again where the current fragrance that I have been using for the past year starts to run out. This means that I get the chance to try out a new fragrance that is suitable for daily use for 2019.

Last year at around this time, I bought the Montblanc Intense Eau de Toilette and I really like it. Citrusy with a good amount of woody scent as the base notes. However, I had to use it liberally at times as the fragrance wears off on me after 2 to 4 hours. Ever since then, I made a mental note to try on something stronger, something that will last on my body for a longer period of time, preferably at least 6 hours on a typical day.

Now that the Montblanc Intense is running low, judging from the bottle when I shake it, I decided to get a stronger, more concentrated scent, Eau de Parfum. I tried a large array of scents at Robinsons and decided on Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio Absolu.

The Absolu is an updated version of the original Acqua Di Gio. I didn’t get the chance to smell the original one, but judging from the review, it seems that the new Absolu is catered to a younger audience, preferably changing the scent just a little bit to add a dash of playfulness.

Personally, it still has the woody scent as its base notes, but its less citrusy. It has a marine scent, which for the first time I have such a scent on me, with a hint of spice underlying it. Because its less citrusy, it is definitely ‘sweeter’ in aroma then the previous ones that I had.

The aroma is definitely stronger, as this is Eau De Parfum. Just a couple of squirts on the body is enough to experience the full body of aroma that comes with this fragrance. Because of that, I can see myself going through this bottle a lot more slowly, than the Montblanc.

I still have a little bit of the Montblanc Intense in its bottle. I will still use them for evening occasions and weekends, until it runs out. I still have John Varvatos Artisan fragrance, which, while I really really like the it, but it has really poor sillage as compared to MontBlanc. After 2 hours of wearing it, the aroma is completely gone. Thus, I still use it occasional if I want to feel fresh on a lazy weekend out.

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