New York City Shopping?

While my trip to New York City is still many months away, but I am already starting to think of what to buy while shopping in New York. I know that certain items are far cheaper buying in the States than in Singapore. And I think it’s good to come up with a shopping list so that I don’t miss out on any potentially good deals over there.

One of the things I am closely eyeing and possibly buying is a leather briefcase by Coach. The Harness Metropolitan Portfolio looks really sleek and is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. It doesn’t look too rigid as a briefcase making it too formal, and has a hint of casualness that I really like.

Coach outlets in Singapore is currently selling this at SGD895. But the online US Coach store is selling at USD450. That roughly translates to about SGD600, which is far cheaper trying to get it in the States than here locally. The price difference is just absurd. And since I am travelling all the way there to New York for a vacation, I might as well splurge a little bit and get myself a nice looking leather briefcase, something all men should have (at least one).

Prada has some really nice briefcases in Saffiano leather. They are way over my budget though for a briefcase. Each of them cost at least SGD 2000.

I don’t really know what else to get. Maybe a new pair of New Balance sneakers and a pair of New Balance running shoes? If they have it for a good price, I might get them as well.

I might get a new pair of jeans if I can find them. Calvin Klein jeans, or perhaps G-Star Raw? Oh well, these things don’t come cheap, and I need to budget my trip carefully, lest I overspend and miss my savings target for 2019.

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