November 7. Thesis submission. The end.

November 7. The date of my thesis submission. November 8, the final assignment due. November 16. Presentation. Then, the end. The end of my 2-year journey as a postgraduate Masters student. It’s been a harrowing journey. Working and studying at the same is a huge challenge. A challenge that I have overcome. A challenge that I took head on from day 1, when I decided to sign up for the course. After November 16. I will officially graduate. So surreal, to have a Masters degree. I would never have expected to go so far in my education. I have been working for five years and I decided to go back school on my third. What was I thinking back then? Now, looking back, all the friends I have made, the knowledge I have gained and the skills I have acquired, it was all worth it.

After November, I deserve a break. Big time. I am going all out travelling. And I can’t wait.

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