Why I’m not getting the Apple Watch series 4


Ever since it was leaked that a new Apple Watch is in the works, I hadn’t given much attention to it. And now that the specs for the series 4 watches are out, it still doesn’t give me a compelling reason to upgade to the latest series of watches.

It’s been about a year since I gotten the Apple Watch Series 3 and it is still running great. I have been more active than ever before thanks to the fitness and health apps I have installed and used over the past year. Keeping track of my heart rate, number of steps I have taken, calories burned, hours stood, and even my sleep is been a fun experience and informative journey so far. I am very impressed by the sheer amount of health data that my Apple Watch records on a daily basis.

The new watch features a bigger screen, a slightly slimmer profile and more accurate GPS, accelerometer and even an ECG monitor. Those are nice things, but based on my usage, aren’t really must-have features. The battery on my current Apple Watch is still fantastic and looking back, I actually don’t meddle too much on my watch on a daily basis to experience any battery woes. So while it is nice to upgrade to the latest watch, the added features and improvements doesn’t really add value in how I use it and how it would serve me on a day to day basis. For this generation, I will be skipping the Apple Watch Series 4. Maybe something novel and interesting is in the works for series 5. By then, improvements in technology and a greater social acceptance in accepting calls and having a conversation through your wrist would make the upgrade to the cellular model a compelling option. I still that there are lots of improvements that can be made to the battery life of such devices.

Apple should continue to  heavily invest in wearables R&D. It will be exciting to see what they can come up with in their smartwatch segment.

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