With tablets getting cheaper, it becomes delegated to impulse purchases.

New and upcoming tablets to take on Apple’s offers of tablets big and small are getting cheaper that they sometimes resort to impulse purchases. Look at Amazon with their Kindle Fire HD tablet lineups. It’s so darn friggin cheap! Top of the line specs are not important for me, especially one who is drawn to a small tablet that is easy to hold and is used mainly for reading stuff. All I need is a high pixel density screen and a decent amount of storage. I don’t play games on my tablets and thus it doesnt matter if the tablet sports a dual core cpu or an octa core cpu. So long as the screen is sharp and crisp, with great colour accuracy and sells at a fraction of what Apple offers, I am sold.

I can think of a few tablets out on the market that fits the bill. Cheaper than Apple’s iPad or iPad mini, but with a great looking screen. Asus Zenpad 3 8.0 comes to mind, including Huawei Mediapad M3. The Huawei Mediapad M3 looks really slick in my opinion, sporting an 8 inch, 2K resolution screen. That is a perfect size to hold and read stuff from the screen.


The latest tablet from Huawei costs less than SGD500, which is pretty compelling for a nicely designed tablet. I recently tried looking for it at various tech stores here, but none seemed to be carrying it. Im not sure if this tablet actually does sell in Singapore. Even Huawei’s store at Plaza Singapura doesnt seem to be showcasing it. Which is strange, because as I was compelled to try out this tablet as a strong successor to the popular Nexus 7 tablet released years ago, I need to physically feel and touch this device. I need to hold it in my hands and have a good feel before deciding to buy it.

But at the back of my mind, I would certainly be asking the same question again and again; do you really need it? I gave up my iPad mini 4 after a year to my mum because I rarely used it, other than reading. For such a nice, but expensive device, you’d think you use it for some other purposes other than just reading, but no, its heavily underutilised. While it is without a doubt the best tablet to own and I miss having it from time to time, the iPad mini 4 is much better suited for my mum who uses social media alot and play games on occasions. She is a heavy tablet user and she was using the iPad mini 2 (if I remember correctly), the one without retina display and it was definitnely ageing in terms of screen quality and spec performance. Seeing her use the iPad mini 4 was like a breath of fresh air; everything became smooth and snappy and it certainly helped her alot.

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