Giving up my iPad mini 4

Almost a year ago I bought an iPad mini 4. I was excited when it came out. I bought the gold, 128 gb model and I used it primarily to read books and magazines while on my long daily commute. 

It served me well. It’s a great reading companion while in the subway to and from work. I took care of the ipad really well since I last bought it, with not a single scratch on the back of the ipad despite not getting a protector. 

But now that I have the iphone 7 plus, with a bigger screen, I have made my decision to let it go and pass it on to my mum who would utilise it better. Since I only used it for reading and nothing else, it would be far more useful for my mum than me. And now that I have a bigger screen iphone, it seems that the phone could be my main reading companion. I would definitely miss the bigger the screen of the iPad mini, but I feel more satisfied that it’s been to put to far greater use than merely using it only for reading. 

And why complicate my life owning so many gadgets? The new iphone 7 plus is so much more powerful than its predecessor and I personally feel that it could handily replace what the iPad mini could offer when I first bought it. 

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