Information addict

In this day and age, we are flooded with so much information from all sources, that it is really difficult to keep up. Or is it? Personally, I feel like I am an information. The insatiable thirst to read as many news feeds, news content, and information, both useful, and mundane at the same time, is starting to feel unhealthy. How do you really control the appetite for information?

My iPhone is the main culprit when I go out. My first page menu is filled with apps from BBC, CNN, Feedly, Pocket, Digg, Flipboard, CNET, Engadget and many more. I constantly check some of them on a regular basis, even if there are no updates appearing in the app in the past five minutes or so. It feels good to just scroll through the content one by one and read more in detail the ones that are interesting.

I am currently unemployed. Im still in the midst of finding a job. So the first thing that I do when I wake up is to actually check my phone for news update. I don’t go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I go straight to the phone. I spend 20-30 minutes just reading all the updates and happenings around the world while I was a sleep. I used to switch on my computer first thing in the morning before going to the bathroom. But my iPhone has substituted that habit because it is so much more convenient.

When I surf the net, its always about reading articles. Lots of it. From all kinds of websites. I check Facebook on a constant basis, even though there is really no need to. It has become automatic. And I think can spend hours just reading insane lots of stuff from various subjects, just fuelling my need to become aware of what is happening around the world, even when it doesn’t impact or concern me at all. Im not saying that I read gossips, but its more like what is really happening around me. The issues facing around me and beyond.

I don’t know how to wean myself off this habit for the need to constantly feed myself with information. It’s quite hard for me to really just sit still and occupy my hands and my mind to something more productive. Making something and doing something, rather than just absorbing content like a sponge.

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