The hardest goodbye?

Last week, a friend of mine flew to Denmark to start her new semester as an exchange student. Little did I know that her departure was probably the hardest I have ever dealt. I have seen my friends come and go, and they often come back a better person. And that is a good thing. I want her to come back a better person as well. But as time passes by all around me, sometimes seeing a person change is something that you might not be prepared at all. Sometimes I feel like clinging to those moments that I cherish so much, not wanting to let go, the times with my friends, laughing, talking, and not a care in the world. Those are  good times that I am so afraid of losing or forgetting.

I did manage to schedule a final meet up with her before she flew off. It would be more than 6 months before seeing her again. Seeing her again one last time before her long absence were great times.  I think it was the only time ever that I actually hang out with her in a small group of 3. That moment is precious to me now, one that I would never forget.

Sometimes I wonder what life is like living if you were to forget all your past memories of your former self. Whether by accident or some mysterious disease, you wake up not knowing who you are. I wonder how it feels like, knowing that you have a wonderful life with the people you love, but you can no longer remember them. And what if that person were to read all that there is to your former life knowing that you did all these incredible things, forged wonderful relationships with your friends and family but simply couldn’t remember anything at all. If I’d known, I think life would be meaningless for me. But then again, you would have forgotten everything…

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