Happy New Year!


2013 has a arrived. So what happened in 2012?

Quite a lot for me. It was full of ups and downs literally. Like the time when I spent 6 weeks in Tunisia, doing volunteer work. That was incredible. Also did a little backpacking after that with my best buddy, Aaron. We didnt go that many places. Just Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and Prague. But it was superb. I got a taste of the backpacking life and I love it. I might do it again 2013. Who knows. Life is full of possibilities. My school life is in its final lap, a new life will begin. Full of uncertainties. But I guess I must learn how to take things one at a time. Be happy. Live the moment. Let 2013 inspire you, surprise you and just be happy.

Where are my New Year Resolutions?

I guess my resolutions for this year is simple; Just be happy and content. Also, I am going to keep a more happier outlook in life and see things (hopefully) in a more positive light. Maybe I will see something different everyday. A new perspective, a new vigor in every step I take. Yes, that is what I will do.

Worries, setbacks, discouragements. Live it, learn from it and rise above it.

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