A new lens (finally)

I love to take photos. And that would mean that I would need to buy better lens to improve on my photography skills. But they are darn bloody expensive. And without any form of financial returns to my investments which amounts to nothing more than just a harmless little hobby to keep myself entertained, I dont see myself spending thousands of dollars for good lenses a reasonable form of expenditure. But thank for for this little gem: introducing the cheap but sharp looking Canon 50mm f1.8 II prime lens!

I read from several reviews and personal opinions from fellow photographers that the next reasonable step beyond your kit lens would be to get one of that. And I tend to agree with them. Granted, this is simply a prime lens, but it is fantastic for portrait shots and having fun with bokeh shots as well. I am already seeing this as a potential to expand my scope in photography and get really creative with this lens. The only drawback, is that I need to do more legwork to get the desired shot, since it does not have any zoom functions. The big advantage however is that its f1.8! That means i can use this lens in low light setting without much difficulty. I have yet to use this lens extensively. However, if I do get some interesting shots along the way, I will post them here.

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