Marina Bay walk

I was trying a new photography technique this evening and I went to Marina Bay to try it out. I took a lot of bad photos mainly I still haven’t got the technique right. What I wanted to do was to do some creative ‘bokeh’ shots with my newly purchased 50mm f1.8 lens. But the evening wasn’t wasted, I did managed to take some good ones, as an example shown above.

During the shoot however, as I was walking the scenic route around the Marina Bay area, it slowly became a walk where I started to reflect on a number of things, mainly life in general. I was alone that evening, therefore I had my thoughts to myself, and as always when I am alone, I think about a lot of things. That moment of walking, of reflection was surprisingly very soothing for me. I think I’m gonna walk around the Marina Bay area one more time soon all alone, soaking in the atmosphere, observing people going about their daily lives. Seeing people, dining, exercising, commuting back home, and so on.

At night when you walk around that area, not worrying about nothing much, just being in that moment in time, I realised how beautiful that place it, how it manages to transform itself in the past 10 year, especially after since the construction and opening of the Marina Bay Sands. I think, as a tourist, they are going to be amazed at how developed Singapore has become and how lucky sometimes we as Singaporeans can be.




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