The Great Migration

So I finally bought a 2.5inch HDD with 500GB worth of space. I need it to prepare myself for the great migration. Yes im finally switching over to Mac! Im going to get the new Mac mini online in a couple of weeks and in the meantime, I’d have to start migrating my files over.

There are tons of files to migrate over to the mac. My important school documents, photos, videos, project stuff, Tv series, movies, the list just never ends. It is also a great opportunity to backup my songs too, over 8000 of them. But then again, ill be slowly going through my collection to delete some stuff as well. Not that 500GB ain’t enough at the moment, but its pretty redundant keeping stuff that you don’t possibly use, or in this case, open on the computer.

You know, I have thought long and hard whether to get the 21.5 iMac or just the Mac Mini. Though the iMac is pretty tempting, I think I’d save more if I just get the Mac Mini. I mean, come to think of it, im paying a premium just for the aesthetics, the IPS LCD monitor and stuff. I don’t really need those. If I want a full HD screen, I think it would be more cost effective for me to get it separately. After all, Sitex is coming around the corner, end of next month, so there might be some pretty good deals on LCD monitors. That way, I’d be able to get a full HD screen without burning my pocket. Furthermore, I’d be broke after buying just the Mac Mini. I need some lead time to recover all that expenses before investing on a bigger screen.

I love the new Apple ads, attacking the new Windows 7. I can relate really well from the ad, and I’m ‘going with Mac’ this time round. Apple, you’d better not disappoint me. Rated No 1, in customer satisfaction? You better deliver on those words, and I think you will, considering the Iphone 3GS acquired a couple of months ago is by far, the best cellphone I have ever used. Period. By the way, the ad below is so me.

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