First games on my new PC

There has to be games installed after building my first PC rig. What better way to show off the rig in terms of raw computing performance than playing some graphically demanding games? As soon as I set my PC up, I got started installing and buying a few games that might not only interest me,... Continue Reading →

My DIY PC is finally done!

Some of you may find it hard to believe, but being able to build my own PC rig from scratch based on the parts and components that I chose happened to be in my bucket list. I suppose building a PC is like art. It requires patience, and lots of research, slowly building your knowledge base. The greatest satisfaction comes... Continue Reading →

Mac OS flexibility

On my Mac Mini, which I have been using for a year and a half now, I also installed Windows 7 Ultimate edition and used it via bootcamp on a number of occasions. Throughout the Mac Mini's use as an Apple computer and a Windows PC, I find one jarring factor that caused me to... Continue Reading →

Project Windows 7: Success!

A couple of my friends went to my house to help me install Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. I wasn't sure how to install on my PC so my friends decided to assist me. But toward the end, it was a success. Now my Mac Mini has Windows 7 64 bit installed and I'm pretty happy... Continue Reading →

The Great Migration

So I finally bought a 2.5inch HDD with 500GB worth of space. I need it to prepare myself for the great migration. Yes im finally switching over to Mac! Im going to get the new Mac mini online in a couple of weeks and in the meantime, I’d have to start migrating my files over.... Continue Reading →

The Acer Aspire One Netbook

Ive always wanted to get one of those netbooks that have been the rage these days. With its cheap price, ultra mobility and long lasting batteries, its a perfect gadget to bring it with you wherever you go. Best Denki was holding a road show at Ngee Ann City the other weekend and i bought... Continue Reading →

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