Extreme Makeover begins…

So the time to have an extreme makeover begins... In only a matter of months, i would be going through a new phase of life, and with that in mind, what better timing than to undergo an extreme makeover of my bedroom to prepare for that?  And so it begins, me and my parents have... Continue Reading →

James Morrison soul gooood!

Ok you can throw stones and break my bones. Im very slow when it comes to identifying great music artists that produces great albums now and then. And here it comes again: Was listening to James Morrison's Broken Strings, featuring Nelly Furtado and i slowly got hooked by its amazing duet performance. Adding to James's... Continue Reading →

IT SHOW 2009

The IT show was packed. literally. levels 2, 3,4, and 6. Full of booths from telcom companies to Sony's taking up an entire floorspace and beyond.  This year's IT show didnt do much damage to my wallet. Though i was tempted to buy a 22 inch Full HD lcd monitor, a netbook for my upcoming... Continue Reading →

Its growing…

Bought 3 new game is a span of 1 week. Eternal Sonata, great rpg, Killzone 2, best shooter to date, and Resident Evil 5, a popular franchise with an extreme makeover.


"Departures" is an Academy Award winner in the Foreign Film category. A japanese production, it showcases Daigo, the main character, a cello player having lost his job in an orchestra in tokyo after being dissolved due to low popularity ratings. Wanting to return to his hometown, and start anew, he seeks out to find a... Continue Reading →

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