“Would you like to upsize sir?” “Er, no, but…” “Change to curly fries sir?” “No, I just…” “Any pies to go sir?”

I was ordering macdonalds this afternoon for lunch and wanted to grab a bite at the Mega Prosperity Burger. I was so hungry at that time, so i went to my nearby macdonalds to make the order. I have noticed to a certain extent, in which i get increasingly annoyed when i come across such service. And that kind of service is the unrelentless drive to make you mad by cutting you in while you try to finish making your order. 

Now i know, that you may have been trained to be efficient and fast to take down customers’ orders, especially when you are working in a fast food chain, but for heaven’s sake, stop cutting me in while im saying out my orders!

“Id like to have 1 mega prosperity burger, change the…”

“Upsize sir?”

“No, (smile) Change the drink to ice-lemon tea, havin…”

“Curly fries sir?”

“No thanks, having here.”

“Thats all?”

“Err… yes, thats..”

“Any apple pies to go with it?”

“No, having here, and thats all.”

To whoever is out there serving some fast food to some customers, please please please listen to your customers and wait for them to finish before offering anything else.

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