Loving my Ipod Touch Redux

Ive said this so many times now, but im gonna say it once more. I love my ipod touch. It has given me the opportunity to catch up on my favourite anime series, tv series and movies that i so desperately wanted to watch. Not only that, the portability of the ipod touch gives me the opportunity to watch it anyway, anytime. In camp, after office hours, id lean back comfortably on my bed, watching the latest episode of Heroes, or Naruto, enjoying every moment of it.

This past month alone, ive watched numerous episodes and movies like Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, Across the Universe, City of Ember, 21, House Bunny, Bolt. Im sure there will be lots more to come and dont even make me start on Tv series. Im watching Heroes and plan to include The Tudors, Supernaturals, The Office, True Blood. Maybe if i have the time and patience, ill restart watching Lost from the very begining and maybe catch up on Gossip Girls and many more.

Naruto, Bleach and tons of animes ill be watching in the future. Ipod touch has given me a whole new avenue in entertainment and its truly worth the 500 bucks that i plunged into in the purchase.

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