Folklore Complete!

Folklore, or the original Japanese title, Folksoul is an action rpg game for the PS3. I just completed the game and it was fun throughout. Graphics were gorgeous and the gameplay fresh and original. Though the story was a little bit lacklustre, the characters in the story were strong and unique. You get to play both characters from opposing point of views, Ellen and Keats. The best thing about this game is definitely the boss fights. There are several boss encounters throughout the game, at least one in each of the 7 chapters. The boss fights are truly interesting, requiring brains and strategy, coupled with your arsenal of collected folks, creatures of the netherworld which the characters fight for you after absorbing their souls. Boss fights are really fun and it does not involve button mashing. Instead a calm and patient approach to fighting the bosses in different phases is essential in the character’s survival. Anyone owning a PS3 should definitely try out this game.

The most surprising aspect of the game is the theme song. It was none other than Nephilim by Abingdon Boys School. It was a total surprise for me when I was browsing through the credits at the back of the booklet. When the end credits rolled, the song played and it was amazing. You can listen to the sample here.

If you wanna watch the game trailer, its below.

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