My bank acct has never gone so low…. ever!

So last week i finally bought a PS3. Sorry about the delay in updates guys. Its just that ive been playing several games and demos, trying out its online content and its multimedia features, watching blu ray movies in the past week that i just hadnt the time to update!

Well its official, my bank acct has been blown, what with 11 bucks left, after spending 700 bucks on the consoles, some accessories and a couple of games, it was all worth it. I bought Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Vegas and Folk lore as my first 2 games to be played on the new generation console. Everything looks fantastic, from the design and quietness of the console, to the oustanding graphics, its multimedia features and best of all, Blu Ray! Not to mention its online content too. Ive played several demo games, including Devil May Cry 4, Uncharted, Drake’s Fortune, Burnout Paradise and Ratchet and Clank, Tools of Destruction. All or which are fantastic and it gets me itching to get those games and try it out. The most outstanding, has gotta be Ratchet and Clank. It has one of the most visually stunning graphics ever so far on the PS3. Not forgetting Uncharted, Drake’s Fortune bursting with next gen graphics and smooth action gameplay.

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