Re-evaluating my photography style

The past week I have re-kindled my love for photography a little bit. Ever since I started dusting off my X-Pro 3 from the dry box and giving it a spin to see if it still works, it reminded me of why I like taking photos. It also cemented the fact that my love for photography simply hasn’t gone away after going on a long hiatus of not using the camera due to the pandemic. So far, I am fortunate that my camera had no issues at all. Even the batteries are working fine.

I have started thinking about the kinds of photography styles that I truly enjoy when I am out and about with my camera. Do I like taking portraits, landscapes, nature, streets or a bunch of everything? Looking at my camera gear alongside the X-Pro 3 body, I have decided to streamline my gear a little bit after considering the photography style I truly enjoy most.

I love street photography. Just walking around taking photos. Anything mundane is exciting for me whenever I take a shot at it. And after reflecting on the various street photography I have done in the past, I have decided that maybe I do not need multiple lenses any more to carry along with me while out doing street photography. Looking back, despite having multiple lenses, I came to realise that at the end of the day, I hardly switch lenses in between my shoots while out on the streets taking photos. And because of that, I decided to sell a couple of lenses that I previously owned, namely the 35mm f2.0 and the 23mm f2.0. While these are great lenses, the new 27mm f2.8 R WR lens that I bought today will be a greater fit for my needs than what the 23mm and the 35mm can provide.

I will definitely miss these lenses. These are spectacular lenses. But because I hardly switch them anymore mid-shoot, it makes little sense for me to keep these lenses. To fund my new lens, which is the 27mm f2.8 lens, it makes economic sense as well to sell these under-utilised lenses.

Introducing the 27mm f2.8 R WR lens, an improved version of the older model that now includes an aperture ring and weather-resistant build, two welcoming editions that will pair nicely with the X-Pro 3. This pancake lens is praised for its compact size and superior image quality. I bought that lens today for S$575 and already when paired with the X-Pro 3, it looks gorgeous. Exactly like a street photography camera I have always envisioned. Classy, discreet and compact, all rolled into one.

I can’t wait to give this lens a spin this weekend. The camera now looks so much more beautiful when the lens is paired together.

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