Documenting my daily life more

I have been thinking about trying to find ways to not be shy or afraid in sharing and document more of my daily life.

Pictures and videos of travels and other significant events in my life are important and I love documenting and sharing them for memories’ sake but I think it is equally important that I document the more mundane things in life. I guess it is not about over sharing, but simply finding an outlet to be more grounded to reality and to take stock of all the good things in life that are happening all around me that I simply take for granted. There are lots of good things in life out there and most of them are surprisingly mundane.

Sunny mornings, birds chirping, busses arriving on time, a good cup of home brewed coffee, toasts that aren’t too brown. Going back to work on time. Having a nice dinner. Hell, even a flickering lightbulb. Such mundanity. Such beauty.

I have been suffering a family crisis of late which I am not ready to share just yet and with the pandemic still raging around the world, my world in particular, well, let’s just say, it has gotten a little smaller. I meet people less often. I have turned myself more inward than before. I have never left the country in two years because of the pandemic. I don’t resent any of that as everyone’s life has been altered because of the pandemic. I believe most us are starting to be blind to the little joys in life that make us happy.

And I want to break away from that notion and start seeing the world, no matter how small it might be.

So starting from today, I will try to document my life a little more often. It may not be daily for now, as that is a rather tall order for me to undertake. I want to start microblogging. Sharing pieces of me, the things that I do, the things that I see, taste and touch on a daily basis right here in this blog.

Just yesterday as I arrived at my workplace and was about to start work, I was thinking about the weather. It was grey, dreary, wet. A wet morning, wet enough that I had to pull my umbrella out from my bag the moment I got off the MRT station so that I could walk to my workplace relatively dry. But even then, as I arrived, my shoes were a little wet, my socks soggy.

As I looked out the window on the twelfth floor I saw streaks of water flowing down the window as the rainwater hit the windowpanes. Suddenly I got the urge to draw my phone out of my pocket and record a little video snippet of the flowing water, with the cityscape as the background. Surprisingly, it was beautiful. I touched up the video a little bit and with little effort the video was cinematic looking. For the first time in a long time, I was documenting something mundane, just streaks of water flowing down the glass panes of the windows yet so beautiful that I would have just dismissed it as rainy day. That got me thinking; what else am I not seeing around me that are actually beautiful?

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