Quickly getting used to the new house and expanding LP collection

It’s been a month since my family moved in to our new house and I am quickly beginning to get used to it. In fact, I am starting to like living in the new house. It’s a lot more airy than the new house, mainly because we are living on the 13th floor, instead of the second previously. So because of that, we are getting a lot of breeze, and sunshine but at the same time not that direct sunlight that can make a home really hot during the mornings and evenings.

In addition to that, its quieter. Previously we live on the second floor, right beside a playground. So every evening, lots of children from around the neighbourhood will descend to the playground and make a lot of noise, screaming and shouting at the top of their lungs. But not anymore. On the 13th floor, we hardly here human traffic down below. We also hardly hear motor vehicle traffic as well. The only thing we hear consistently is the train that goes past the area every few minutes. It’s not terribly distracting because there is another building in front of us that is blocking most of the noise away. We can still see the train whizzing past every now and, which is a calming sight, especially when you are doing nothing but just looking out of the window.

My room was one of the first rooms to be ready with most of my things unpacked. I have made minor changes to how I display certain things in my room. But all in all it looks just like it was a few weeks ago. I repositioned my AudiPro speakers next to the TV this time around, so that the speakers and the turntable are physically isolated (it apparently improves sound and reduces distortion according to what I read online). Instead, I pulled down the LP display base next to the turntable instead. This way, I can display the LP that is currently playing next to the turntable, so that guests of the house will know what is currently being played from the turntable.

I moved the speakers away to another location. Notice the bright orange LP edition. One of the most interesting coloured vinyl that I owned and I had no idea it came in that colour when I ordered Echosmith’s latest album, ‘Lonely Generation’!

My LP collection have been steadily growing ever since we first moved in about a month ago. New LPs have been slowly trickling in. My first Eket cabinet containing the LPs is filling up fast.

It’s half filled now!

New LPs have been added to the collection since that picture was taken, and now it is past the half-way mark in filling up the Eket shelf. I really need to slow down in my LP collection and take a break.

Ever since I started collecting LP as a hobby, it has become pretty addictive. I just can’t stop discovering new music and re-discovering old ones that I used to listen and enjoyed years ago. You can never get enough when it comes to buying LPs. You just want more and more. I can finally understand why some people have thousands of LPs in their collection, proudly displaying in rows and rows of shelves containing nothing but LPs.

I need to control myself. I need to be more selective in my music collection. And I need to remind myself that LPs, if you diligently take care of it, it can last a lifetime. So LP collection is a lifelong journey. My LP collection will grow, but I don’t want it to grow uncontrollably. Whatever LPs I owned right now, I need to make sure that I get my money’s worth and fully enjoy the music.

I have plans to upgrade my turntable. After extensive research into the world of vinyl and turntable, I now know that LP collection is here to stay. So I am more confident in getting a more sophisticated turntable that not only performs better, but looks aesthetically pleasing. The options are endless out there. Of course, it should be within budget. No point (for me at least) to spend so much on a turntable that will give me paltry returns or over-complicates things.

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