728 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore. An all time daily high

The coronavirus pandemic is raging all around the world. With more than two million infected so far as of this writing, Singapore is not spared either.

Today the government reported an additional 728 new cases, most of them are foreign workers, who live in tight, confined spaces in their respective dormitories. The labourers who kept the streets of Singapore clean, who built our glitzy building, are now suffering because of this pandemic. We are currently nearing the second week of our month long ‘circuit breaker’ (lets be real, its a lockdown) and the numbers aren’t seem to be going down soon. Despite the fact that we may be seeing more cases because of more testing being done to find out symptomatic and asymptomatic cases, the fact of the matter is that local community transmission is still being sustain. People outside of those living in dormitories are still getting infect and passing along the virus close to them. The numbers are not rising, but they are certainly not going down. At this rate, we may see more cases in total before peaking and finally seeing the numbers go down. We are reaching the end of the first transmission cycle, the first 14-day cycle and we are not even close to controlling the numbers of infected detected on a daily basis.

I think there is a high likelihood that the circuit breaker will be extended by at least another 2 weeks. In order to ensure that the transmission of coronavirus is stopped in its tracks, we need to at least see a sustain decrease or even reach to 0 new infections for a few days. To do that, we to practice social distancing for at least two full transmission cycles before social distancing has any effect in stopping the transmission of the virus down to manageable levels.

Other countries like China and the UK have imposed weeks long lockdown at the detriment of their economy. I wonder how long more will Singapore implement the circuit breaker.

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